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 Smart Hunting Solutions for 2015

Over the last 25 years Crooked Horn Outfitters has invented many break through products that have changed the way the world hunts!

Known for our specialized carrying systems that are designed to eliminate fatigue and maximize comfort for the efficiency of the hunter.  FYI:  If a hunters' equipment is cumbersome and he/she is always fumbling around with gear, chances are they're not capable of performing under pressure.  Good, quality gear will fit you like a second skin... allowing you to be stealth on your travels through the woods..


Come Discover the Difference


My 25 year Crooked Horn Outfitters Journey has been a celebration of adventure. Adventure which has taken me across North America, hunting and designing game changing products along the way.

To be successful, you should be able to hunt like a ghost.  Crooked Horn Outfitters provides the hunter with the proper gear needed... from head to toe.  Streamline designs allow you to carry your equipment  comfortably with quick easy access to other equipment with very little movement.

Intensify Your Limits

Skills and sometimes just plain ole' luck play a big factor in your success.  Switch the odds to be in your favor with Game Changing products. 




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