At Crooked Horn Outfitters our credo is "Hunting is a Priority... Not an Option!  It's not just a business, it's a lifestyle and we live it!  We are as relentless in pursuing a brown bear or mountain goat as we are in designing gear, It's just what we do.  Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority, ad we stand behind our products 100% with a lifetime guarantee.  Our knowledgeable staff is always available for your questions and they know hunting gear, so you get your answer right now.  The same is true if you ever have a problem, a phone call is all it takes to get it fixed.  Since we demand the most of our products, we have always made them here in the USA.  Thank all of you for sharing your adventures over the years, we hope there will be many more, and please stand with us to protect Americas future...  Buy American Made


SAVE 10% On Swarovski Optics until Sept 30, 2014

As the owner of Crooked Horn I take my hunting very serious and we apply for most of the premium western tags annually.  We drew some awesome hunts this year to be really excited about:  Utah Archery Deer, Arizona Archery Elk and late season Eastern Plains Rifle Deer.

 I'm after the biggest bucks and bulls I can locate with my binoculars, which brings me to a discovery I just made. I'm a believer that having great optics should be my #1 hunting investment.  That being said I've been using Leica for the last few years and before that I used Swarovski 10x 42 SLC.  I'm a huge fan of Leica but this weekend I had a chance to try out the new generation Swarovski SLC with HD. Wow was I impressed.  I called Swarovski and ordered me a pair right away for my upcoming hunts.

 Swarovski has a 10 % off special for hunting season. So if you're thinking of upgrading your optics give us a call and let us give you a quote. Your hunt is only as good as what you see. If you can't find the game you can't shoot it.  

 Swarovski, Leica, Zeiss and Vortex are the leaders in great optics and Crooked Horn sells them all. 



TIP #1

The stalk is my favorite part of archery hunting, but sneaking within bow range in the west can seem impossible at times.  The terrain is rocky with lots of twigs and leaves, making every step loud.  Reducing sound is the key for getting into range undetected.  Crooked Horn's secret weapon is the Safari Sneakers, designed to be just like bears and lion feet that have hair on the bottom allowing them to stalk quietly, muffling every sound.  Make sure on your next hunt you're like the cougar, deadly and silent.

TIP #2

Be comfortable while carrying your bow.  We added a bow pouch to every pack making it easy to transport your bow in and out of the field leaving you hands free.  But while glassing, calling or ranging or just giving your arm a break we suggest the Bow Hook.  Small and simple to use, the Bowhook gives you immediate relief and takes the strain off your arm, because lets face it, that bow gets heavier and heavier every day of your hunt.  The Bowhook will attach to any backpack shoulder strap and is a cheap solution to a comfortable and successful bow hunt.


TIP #3

Leafy Suits... with or without scent-lock technology.  Go Stealth!  They may look goofy but I swear they work better than any camo I've used.  The moving leaves relax the animal for seconds, even minutes, giving you the opportunity to range and shoot, even when spotted, the animal will be unsure of what he is seeing.

Alaskan Brown Bear



The Crooked Horn crew traveled to Alaska this year to test out some gear this fall. What an adventure!!! It rained eight out of ten days, experienced 70 mile an hour winds. I'm proud to report our packs and other gear were absolutely waterproof and performed great. Alaska is the ultimate field testing location for Crooked Horn.  The Team bagged this 9' 6" Brown Bear all captured on film.





My 25 year Crooked Horn Outfitters Journey has been a celebration of adventure. Adventure which has taken me across North America hunting and designing products as I traveled this great land.  What a privilege it has been to work in the hunting industry.  I would like to thank all of our customers that supported us ever since we started Crooked Horn in 1989.  It's amazing when I stop to think about how many of you have been instrumental in establishing and growing our business. Some have been with us since our very first year. Thank you for your confidence us and for your continued support.  You've played a big part in the success of Crooked Horn Outfitters.













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