TRAILBLAZER. 15 Years and Still Strong

Dear Sir
I read the testimonial where a guys pack outlasted the wives and trucks and all and I just had to write you.  My name is Matthew Landis, I am a veteran of the US Air Force and served during the first Gulf War.  They stationed me in Colorado where I fell in love with bow hunting and put my hands on my first Crooked Horn pack.  It's not made anymore and its a daypack that can double as a backpack. I worked as a guide on elk hunts in those Colorado mountains for 5 years.  I've climbed more trees, killed more elk, and deer than I can remember.  I've fallen, been lost, frozen, almost struck by lightning, soaked by rain, snow, and ice storms. I've fallen in frozen rivers and slipped off of wet rocks.  All with my pack on.  I've  flat out abused the living heck out of that first pack I bought some 15 years ago. I now live in Pennsylvania where I obsessively chase whitetails and bear every year.  The pack has fallen out of trees, used as a bench rest and heck even a punching bag if I miss.  Sir, just the other day I took that pack and threw it in the bathtub with some cool water and a squirt of laundry soap.  It was the first time it had seen any sort of cleaning in all those years.  Some long overdue dirt came out, I dried it over the wood stove and I am proud to say it looks almost like new.  The camo is virtually unfaded.  The seams are flawless. I have had only to replace one buckle that broke on a coyote hunt with wind chills pushing -15 degrees outside. 

In summary, that first pack I bought is the ONLY pack I have EVER used on ANY hunt and it is STILL in terrific shape.  I am proud to own this and in all sincerity will someday probably pass it down to my children to use.  It just refuses to wear out. I am now in the market for a slightly larger pack, and will look no further then what your company offers.  As a veteran I thank you for showing whats possible when good people with a dream and a strong will to work are mixed with freedom. 

Take Care and God Bless.

Matthew Landis

Coyote Hunting & The Grand Canyon


 Crooked Horn, 

I just wanted to catch up with the Crooked Horn Team and report on my last trip. A couple of friends and I went on a ride last weekend and ended up on The Rim of The Grand Canyon. We used Crooked Horn Gear.. The Trailblazer II was used while riding Motorcycles to carry everything from Fix-a Flat to gloves , Toilet paper and our Lunches (which we ate on the rim of the canyon)..




Bino-Shield was also used to keep our Binoculars Dust free while riding the 35 miles in and the 35 miles back out.. You don't have to hunt to appreciate the Quality Product that Crooked Horn Produces; however if you do hunt as well as enjoy weekend getaways during other times of the year Crooked Horn Gear can enhance those Trips as well..






Thanks for producing Quality Gear that does Double Duty for me and My Friends !! Lennis – Keep up the Hard work!!!!

Bryan Beckstead




Rob Mannhard's Kaibab Buck

Robert Mannhard Kaibab

Marleen and I just got back from our latest hunt and I wanted to drop you a line. We both always use Master Guide packs and Bino-Systems as we did on this hunt. The Bino Shield you suggested for my new 15X56's worked like a charm to protect them in my pack. My buck was taken quite a ways down in a canyon but with the Master Guide II Pack I was able to bring the head , cape , two front quarters and backstraps out with me on the first trip.With any other day pack I would have torn the shoulder straps off. This is a testament to the fact that you get what you pay for.
Thanks for the great products,
Rob Mannhard
Kaibab Deer

Colorado Elk & Mule Deer Double w/ Shooting Sticks

My First elk and first mule deer.  Taken in GMU 39 in Colorado hunting near Mt Evans.  Shot both animals off your shooting sticks and loved the product and the confidence it gave me for the shot.  

 I had really only hunted whitetail in South Texas out of blinds and tripods where its easy to have a solid rest.  Hunting out west, I quickly saw you needed to have a way to get a quick shot in versatile terrain and the sticks made for an excellent rest all over the mountains.

Call Me Lucky

A successful hunt begins with thorough preparation,

Kodiak, Alaska--that wondrous mystical island home to the largest brown bears in the world--became my home for an early spring bow hunt in 2012. My #1 bucket list hunt began as a dream that eventually evolved into a reality. For years I read about other hunters, looking at their pictures in magazines as they smiled behind their big bears. I wished it could be me. But I wasn’t sure if I would really be able to make it happen. But, as you can see, that’s me in the picture. Me! I did it! The brown bear in the picture squared 9’6,” scored a 28 5/8” (green) skull, and has superb dark fur that will make a magnificent standing mount. Good thing I have a vaulted ceiling in my man room.

NV 2011 Elk / Bryan Beckstead

Nevada 2011 Elk HuntDear Crooker Horn Team,

 I wanted to share with you some of the details of the last hunt I went on. My brother drew an Elk Tag for Northern Nevada 2011 season. My buddy Craig and I drove from Southern Utah up to Elko Nevada to join the hunt. We camped up near the Idaho border for the hunt. Wayne (my bro) Craig and I set up camp, and then set out to begin locating Elk. All three of us were using your Bino system and your Bino shield. Bino shield is awesome to keep the dust and dirt out of Optics while riding ATV's. We were glassing from vantage points into areas known to have really good populations of Elk; some of the areas were 3+ miles away from our vantage point... This being said we spent several hours behind our binoculars and spotting scopes, which made it nice having our binoculars on our Bino systems, we didn't experience the normal fatigue we would have with just a normal neck strap.

Brad Meredith Ram

Brad MeredithJust a quick note to say hello .I was writing about the Master Guide pack that I have used for the last 9 plus years. It has preformed flawless for me on 32 elk, 26 deer,16 antelope & 7 sheep hunts in several countries, & also all kinds of harsh weather. I have tested this to the max, & it is something that I can always count on.

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