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Crooked Horn Outfitter launches new division: Renegade Ridge Tactical

Crooked Horn Outfitter, makers of “American Made Hunting Essentials” after over 20 years of making hunting and shooting products has officially launched Renegade Ridge Tactical, a new line of Discrete Survival Essentials.  Just as with all Crooked Horn’s products, Renegade Ridge Tactical’s product line will be designed and manufactured in the USA in the same factory that makes the US Military’s deployment gear. 

“We have found a niche within the tactical industry that has been relatively untapped, being able to carry your AR-15 discretely and having the quick access when you need it most. Every black gun case looks the same, you know what is in the case and so the element of surprise is gone. We have rectified that with our flagship product The Liberator Discrete AR-15 Case. Be prepared for more great things in the future.” Lennis Janzen, owner/designer of Crooked Horn Outfitters/Renegade Ridge Tactical. 

Hunting has crossed over into the tactical industry with the versatility of the AR platform.  AR-15’s are out selling traditional hunting rifles 10 to 1 this year and many people are finding they are just valuable in hunting as they are in home defense.  Predator hunting and feral pig irradiation at times requires quick successive shots, when multiple targets are present, making the AR-15 a very desirable platform in many regions of the country.  

The ability to easily modify and exchange accessories has increased the AR-15 usefulness and versatility to many Americans.  Now with a single gun you can defend, hunt and be enjoyed at the range all with one gun.  If you have not done so yet give it a try, it’s a world of fun.

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Don't Tread On MeAt Renegade Ridge Tactical our motto is "Don't Tread On Me". It is simple the way we see it. when you are backed in a corner and when seconds save lives, having the element of surprise can keep you alive. The GRIP-ZIP-DRAW system allows you to be quick on the draw makin git your best defense. When I need my gun, I want it now! The MOLLETM attached Double Down, 30 round double Magazine/Pistol Case is your back up with "IT" hits the fan.

We Develop DISCREET Survival Essential, Made in America, that allow you to "Defend Your Ground" and protect the things that are dear to you. This is our COUNTRY, our HOME, and our WAY OF LIFE, no one can take it from us.


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