Safari Sneakers


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Close The Distance! Safari Sneakers reduce 80% of the noise caused by dry conditions and provide a bowhunter confidence that he can close the distance quietly.

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Close The Distance!  Don't get busted on your final stalk.  Safari Sneakers reduce 80% of the noise caused by dry conditions.

Safari Sneakers provide the bowhunter confidence that he can sneak within range for that perfect shot. These fleece overboots slip on your hiking boots for that final stalk. Dry leaves and twigs are no longer a problem to hike through quietly.

Why Safari Sneakers Work: Predators such as bears and lions have long hair on their feet and between their claws. This allows them to stalk their prey quietly. Our Safari Sneakers suppress noise in the same way! By using the soft bottoms to muffle the noise made in the dry leaves and brush. This reduces a hunters noise by 80%.

Increase your hunting success with Safari Sneakers. Great for big game hunters and photographers.

Proudly Made in the USA and Fully Guaranteed


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