Bino System Binocular Harness


Can be found at your local Sportsman's Warehouse store or by calling us direct at : 661.822.3635

The Most Innovative Binocular Harness Ever Designed!
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The Original Bino-System Beware of Imitations!

Are your binoculars a pain in the neck?  We have the solution! Introducing the Slide and Flex Bino-System designed to use your shoulders instead of your neck to support the weight of the binoculars.  Eliminating all neck fatigue!

  • Elastic Straps allow the binoculars to slide up and flex out when in use
  • Keeps binoculars secure yet readily available for the sportsman who needs to stay mobile
  • The binoculars rest securely on the chest preventing them from bouncing around when walking or riding horses
  • Works for all sizes of binoculars, cameras and range finders, and is fully adjustable
  • Leather embossed patch is stamped with wildlife art on the four point adjuster positioned on the back side
  • The quick release hooks allow for easy removal of the binoculars

Proudly Made in the USA and Fully Guaranteed

Shipping Weight:  .3 lbs


For phone orders and customer service call us Direct 661-822-3635
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