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Anyone looking for the best in binoculars simply cannot ignore the Leica HD series.


Leica Ultravid binoculars- for a breathtaking viewing experience


Anyone looking for the best in binoculars simply cannot ignore the Leica HD series. These premium binoculars are clear proof of what modern technology can achieve: fluoride lenses guarantee superb colour fidelity and perfect contrast, a uniquely bright and clear view and pin-sharp detail resolution.
And this performance is further enhanced by efficient spurious-light suppression. The focusing action of Ultravid HD binoculars is perfectly smooth at all times. Fine focusing is always fast, precise and sure. The central hinge axis is machined from high-tensile titanium, while the body is manufactured from an ultra-lightweight magnesium alloy. Thanks to their rugged design and construction, Leica Ultravids make light work of almost all challenges encountered in outdoor use.



The benefits at a glance:

_ Excellent resolving power
_ Fluoride glass for colour fidelity and high contrast
_ Water- and dirt-repellent AquaDura® coating
_ Optimum image brightness and colour neutrality
_ Outstanding suppression of stray light
_ Perfected mechanical excellence ensures absolute reliability
_ Long service life




Compare the various magnification factors.

Ultravid 32 HD

Extremely compact size is not the only impressive feature of the Ultravid 32 models. They also offer outstanding optical performance and easy focusing. These binoculars are ideal for daylight use.

_ 8× or 10× magnification
_ Compact size and uncompromising optical performance
_ Edge-to-edge image sharpness for precise observation
_ Maximum ruggedness and minimum weight



Ultravid 42 BL

Thanks to their leather trim, Ultravid BL binoculars are not only particularly good to look at, it means they also weigh in at less than 700g / 1.5 lb. This makes them the lightest 42 mm lens diameter premium binoculars. The large focusing barrel ensures extremely easy handling. At the same time, it offers comfortable grip and enables fast and precise focusing. The point of optimum sharpness can always be found quickly, thanks to an extremely short focusing travel of little more than one complete turn.

_ 8× or 10× magnification
_ The established and well-loved classic
_ Timeless and enduring
_ Easy and comfortable handling



Ultravid 42 HD

The 42 HD models are almost as compact and handy as the 32 mm models and have almost the same light-gathering properties as the larger 50 mm lens diameter models. The moulded thumb rests on the back ensure that these handy all-rounders can be held steadily without any risk of slipping. The large central focusing wheel offers the additional advantages of comfortable and ergonomic handling. Despite their compact size, they possess outstanding reserves of light-gathering performance for viewing under adverse lighting conditions.

_ 7×, 8× and 10× magnification factors
_ Dependable universal binoculars
_ High-contrast image, even in poor visibility and low light
_ Optimum ratio of magnification to field of view, light-gathering power and weight



Ultravid 50 HD

The Ultravid HD 50 models provide excellent contrast and outstanding image brightness that other binoculars with larger front-lens diameters can hardly rival. Fluoride lenses ensure optimum clarity and resolving power. Thanks to their large objective lens diameter they are particularly suitable for use in twilight and the early hours of evening.

_ 8×, 10× and 12× magnification factors
_ Excellent low-light performance
_ Impressive light-gathering power paired with relatively low weight
_ Weight advantage over binoculars with 56 mm objective lens diameters


Specifications at a glance

ModelUltravid 32 HDUltravid 42 BLOrder no.40 290 I 40 29140 271 I 40 272Package includesNeoprene carrying strap, eyepiece protector, objective lens caps, caseLeather carrying strap, eyepiece protector, objective lens caps, caseMagnification8× I 10×8× I 10×Objective lens diameter32 mm42 mmField of view at 1000 m / 1000 yds135 m I 118 m / 405 ft I 354 ft130 m I 110 m / 390 ft I 330 ftClose focus limit~ 2.1 m I 2 m / 6.9 ft I 6.6 ft~ 3.1 m I 2.95 m / 10.2 ft I 9.7 ftWeight535 g I 565 g / 1.2 lb I 1.25 lb710 g / 695 g / 1.5 lb I 1.53 lbModel


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