Victory FL Binocular

The Victory FL binoculars produce razor-sharp detail and brilliant, fascinatingly bright images.
Zeiss Victory FL 8x32
Zeiss Victory FL 8x56

The brilliant high-performance binoculars

You will be convinced at first sight: The Victory FL binoculars produce razor-sharp detail and brilliant, fascinatingly bright images. Special lenses made of fluoride glass minimize chromatic aberrations and ensure high image definition – see the world in full rich detail. They are unbeaten when it comes to resolution, contrast and color fidelity, ideal for long, effortless use when out hunting. In terms of comfort they have even more to offer: High-performance optics have never been so light and easy to use. The Victory FL is well qualified for versatile, ambitious observation over long periods of time. Pick up the Victory FL high-performance binoculars and experience a true quality view.

Victory 8x32 T* FL

Fascinatingly bright images and razor-sharp details characterise the Victory 8x32 T* FL. Compact and lightweight, it is your perfect companion for daytime deerstalking or hunting on the move. The 8x magnification, with its wide field of view of 140 m at 1000 m, offers a good overview and a steady image. 

The 32 mm Victory FL models were awarded the “Red Dot Design Award”. They convinced the international jury with their optical excellence and clear, functional design. 

In 2007 the Victory 8x32 T* FL won the "Goldener Keiler" award for the best deerstalking binoculars.

Victory 8x56 T* FL

The "light giant" of the Victory FL class continues to impress deep into the night with fascinatingly bright images. With these binoculars you are perfectly well equipped for your next moonlit stand hunting session, since they allow fascinating observation in the very last vestiges of light when shy species of game become active. 
The 8x magnification, with its wide field of view of 130 m at 1000 m, offers an outstanding overview and a steady image. 

In 2008 the 8x56 T* FL won the "GoldenerKeiler" award for the best 56 mm binoculars.

Brilliant FL-concept

The brilliance of the natural colors and the outstanding image brightness, results from the use of high-performance fluoride glass. The FL concept means you will hardly see any chromatic aberrations (color fringes). Even the finest details are pin sharp and with impressive colors – images that capture the eye.

Best visibility both near and far

Whether you are watching game in the distance or an interesting bird at close quarters, there is no distance at which the Victory FL binoculars will fail to impress with outstanding images. Even at close range they reveal a wealth of fascinating detail. The wide angle field of view creates an expansive view, so you don't miss a single thing.

Innovative lens coating

Enjoy fascinating image quality whatever the weather. The LotuTec® coating ensures that water simply rolls off the lenses and dirt can be removed easily without a trace.

Low light lenses thanks to Carl Zeiss T* multi-layer coating

When out hunting for game that is active at twilight you know what you need from a pair of binoculars: In the twilight or in woodland, in the interplay of light and shade, the use of binoculars with low light lenses pays off. The Carl Zeiss T* multi-layer coating ensures high transmission, in other words it lets plenty of light in. This elaborate lens coating gives you a bright and clear image even in poor light conditions.

Effortless operation

The twistable eye cups can be operated with ease. They drop clearly into individual positions and can even be removed completely. The focussing mechanism, with its lockable dioptre adjustment, is easy to use and has maximum grip, so that it can even be operated wearing gloves.

Uncompromising optics

You can engage with the harshest conditions with these binoculars: Top quality materials, designed to withstand extreme wear and tear, are the hallmarks of the Victory FL binoculars. Even so, they are still very impressive with their low weight and compact dimensions. The rubber armour protects them from damage, as well as effectively dampening any sounds.
In addition, the waterproof Victory FL binoculars are filled with nitrogen, so that even extreme changes in temperature do not lead to any condensation inside – so your vision always stays crystal clear.


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