Victory DiaScope FL Spotting Scope

The Victory DiaScope will bring you a degree of perfection in your observation of nature that you have never experienced before.
Victory DiaScope 65 Straight Spotting Scope
Victory DiaScope 65mm Angled
Victory DiaScope 85mm Straight Spotting Scope
Victory DiaScope 85mm Angled Spotting Scope

For the perfect visual experience

Do you want to see nature and wildlife as close up as possible? The Victory DiaScope will bring you a degree of perfection in your observation of nature that you have never experienced before. Whether you want to improve your aim when out hunting or simply enjoy watching the wildlife, you can enjoy wide fields of view at every power and see more detail than ever before thanks to up to 75x magnification. At the same time, this spotting scope offers perfect ergonomic design: the innovative, quick and precise focus setting with a single focusing wheel means that you can follow your target securely in rapid mode and see precise details in fine mode – so that nothing will escape you, no matter how far away it is.


65 T* FL

The lightweight, exceptionally compact service package is ideal for types of hunting where every gram of equipment is one gram too much. With its low weight and extreme ease of use, the Victory DiaScope 65 T* FL makes the perfect companion for this. Thanks to its outstanding ergonomics it can be used without a tripod on a natural support. 

The Victory DiaScope 65 T* FL is available with either straight or angled view.

85 T* FL

This superlative optic has a large diameter lens and maximum low light capability to satisfy sophisticated observers of nature. Overcome long distances with concentrated visual power and enjoy the fascination of wildlife or other natural wonders until deep into the twilight. Even in the poorest light conditions the Victory DiaScope 85 T* FL offers impressively bright images and clear colours. Thanks to the flexible range of eyepieces you can maintain a clear view of the detail both close up and over the longest distances. 

The Victory DiaScope 85 T* FL, too, is available with either straight or angled view.

Brilliant FL-concept

Full brilliance, down to the very last detail: that is the promise of the FL concept. This is all due to the outstanding lens construction, consisting of multiple lenses made of high-performance fluoride glass – FL for short. Whether you are marveling at the plumage of a bird, or butterflies in the tree tops, experience the whole spectrum of color and brilliance, and unrivaled brightness, in your observations of nature. With the Victory DiaScope even the smallest details of plumage and structure can be seen pin sharp and with no chromatic aberrations (color fringing). 

Near or far: flexible observation

This high-performance spotting scope can be used for many different applications. Near or far, for spotting game or other objects of natural beauty, the assortment of eyepieces with varying degrees of magnification means that the possibilities are endless. Take advantage of smaller magnifications that have a particularly bright and wide field of view, making it easy to home in on your target in wide open spaces. Let the new Vario eyepiece with up to 75x magnification on the Victory DiaScope 85 T* FL inspire you with even the tiniest details. For the most flexible nature experience we offer you the choice of three different eyepieces for the Victory DiaScope.

Light champion or compact classic?

Continue your fascinating observation into the deepest twilight hours. The Victory DiaScope 85 T* FL is in a class of its own when it comes to image brightness! Even in the most challenging light conditions it gives you bright images and clear colors; ideal for detailed game identification.
On the other hand, the Victory DiaScope 65 T* FL is small and compact. Lightweight and extremely handy, this makes the perfect companion for nature observation far afield, or on walking or cycling trips.

Rapid and precise focussing

Thanks to the DSF (Dual Speed Focus) system

The right focus speed for your every need: the Dual Speed Focus combines two focusing speeds in one knob. If you turn the knob quickly the system operates in rapid mode and the focus point is quickly adjusted to the appropriate distance. A slower, more precise hand movement switches the system into fine mode, when you can adjust the image sharpness with accuracy and precision. This focusing function adjusts intuitively to the speed of your movements and therefore your requirements. Dual Speed Focus is an innovation from Carl Zeiss.

Scratch-proof, robust and silent

The rubber armor covering the Victory DiaScope is not just highly scratch-proof and robust, but also offers ideal protection for the Victory DiaScope in any weather. The waterproof housing protects the precision optics in case of rain while the firm grip makes it pleasant to hold even in cold, stormy weather. You can use this high-performance spotting scope wherever you want as it will withstand the harshest conditions. The rubber helps the surface to absorb virtually all sound while the graphite color prevents light reflection, making it ideal for use when out hunting.

Safe from accidental falls

The eyepiece safety catch prevents it from accidentally falling out. Once the eyepiece has been inserted in the spotting scope, the eyepiece safety catch ensures that the Victory DiaScope and the eyepiece interlock. This means it is impossible to separate the two items by accident. Simply press the release button and you will be able to remove the eyepiece from the Victory DiaScope quickly and easily.

LotuTec® – protective coating for clear visibility

Water simply rolls off the lens as it does from a lotus leaf. The LotuTec® coating on the lens and eyepiece ensures that water or snow simply roll off the surface of the glass. Since neither water nor dirt can collect on the surface of the Victory DiaScope you can spend less time cleaning and more time watching nature.

Low light capability thanks to Carl Zeiss T* multi-layer coating

Each lens of a Victory DiaScope is covered with an elaborate, special coating, which increases the light transmission. Thanks to the constantly improved formula of the Carl Zeiss T* multi-layer coating you can enjoy bright, high-contrast images, particularly in difficult conditions.


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