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Steve's 2008 UT Mtn. GoatI talked to you about 3 months ago about my upcoming mountain goat hunt that I drew out for in Utah.  I appreciate your advice and help.  I ended up getting the Crooked Horn Outfitters Extreme Hunter II backpack for my hunt.  What a great backpack!

Backpacks Are Like No Others

Thank you for your continued innovation and commitment to stand behind your product through your warranty. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued dedication to the hunters of this country that demands their hunting gear be as tough as they are. I hunt year after year with my uncle, brother, and two other friends.

Brett Budvarson

My last hunt I was equipped with your Bino system, shooting sticks, bino cover, spudz, and smoke in a bottle. The other hunters equipment did not match up and operate as well as yours.

~Thanks Brett Budvarson

Your Bino System Rocks

I recently hunted for 10 days in Alaska, I used your bino system and bino sheilds. It rained for 8 of the 10 days, my binoculars stayed dry. I really appreciate your quality gear and I look forward to ordering more hunting gear from you. I was shooting a Christensen Arms 375 ultra mag.

Thanks for all your help.

~Irby Haydon

Reliability is 100%

We have been using Crooked Horn Outfitters Products since they started with the MasterGuide backpack some 12-15 years ago, (in fact our first packs are still in service). Since then more products have been introduced with the same quality and reliability. Lennis and his staff are knowledgeable, helpful and always back their products 100%.

Best Hunting Packs Around

Thanks for the great pack. I am able to sit longer in the stand, later in the year, in order to hunt the rut. I harvested this buck, which weighed nearly 200 lbs, and a 185 lb 3 yr old doe twenty minutes apart Nov. 15th, 2003. My pack goes with me every step of the way. I couldn't get anything more into it, and it weighs twenty pounds, but, once I have it on, I do not notice the weight. I have had seven spinal fusions on my back, and I can take what I need without worrying about it because of the way you made your pack to fit snugly to the body. I think it is great. By far the best pack I have ever had.

God Bless and Thanks.

~Dave Davis

Bino System Saves My Neck

I just wanted to say thanks for making such a great product. I purchased the Bino-System for my binoculars and I love it! I got into a car-wreck in July of 2002 and suffered some pretty serious injuries to my neck and shoulders and consequently I can't carry my binoculars on a conventional strap due to the pain and pressure in my neck. Your product was recommended to me by a friend and when I tried it I fell in love!!

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