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A successful hunt begins with thorough preparation,

Kodiak, Alaska--that wondrous mystical island home to the largest brown bears in the world--became my home for an early spring bow hunt in 2012. My #1 bucket list hunt began as a dream that eventually evolved into a reality. For years I read about other hunters, looking at their pictures in magazines as they smiled behind their big bears. I wished it could be me. But I wasn’t sure if I would really be able to make it happen. But, as you can see, that’s me in the picture. Me! I did it! The brown bear in the picture squared 9’6,” scored a 28 5/8” (green) skull, and has superb dark fur that will make a magnificent standing mount. Good thing I have a vaulted ceiling in my man room.

NV 2011 Elk / Bryan Beckstead

Nevada 2011 Elk HuntDear Crooker Horn Team,

 I wanted to share with you some of the details of the last hunt I went on. My brother drew an Elk Tag for Northern Nevada 2011 season. My buddy Craig and I drove from Southern Utah up to Elko Nevada to join the hunt. We camped up near the Idaho border for the hunt. Wayne (my bro) Craig and I set up camp, and then set out to begin locating Elk. All three of us were using your Bino system and your Bino shield. Bino shield is awesome to keep the dust and dirt out of Optics while riding ATV's. We were glassing from vantage points into areas known to have really good populations of Elk; some of the areas were 3+ miles away from our vantage point... This being said we spent several hours behind our binoculars and spotting scopes, which made it nice having our binoculars on our Bino systems, we didn't experience the normal fatigue we would have with just a normal neck strap.

Brad Meredith Ram

Brad MeredithJust a quick note to say hello .I was writing about the Master Guide pack that I have used for the last 9 plus years. It has preformed flawless for me on 32 elk, 26 deer,16 antelope & 7 sheep hunts in several countries, & also all kinds of harsh weather. I have tested this to the max, & it is something that I can always count on.

Goal Zero Solar Works

GOAL ZERO SOLAR WORKS!!!  We have been outfitters and guides in Northeastern Nevada operating specifically in the Jarbidge Wilderness.  We have always been users of white gas lighting and propane heating until 2010 when we were introduced to Goal 0 Solar lighting.  It surpassed our expectations on the quality of the product, lighting and durability.

Trail Lights OUTSHINE Traditional Headlamps


I bought your trail lights at the 2010 hunt expo in SLC UT. I used them that fall on an muzzleloader elk hunt. My friend shot a massive five point in the early evening and after quartering it was dark and two miles back to camp. My friends were using a headlam and one had lights in the bill of his hat. I was using a headlamp plus one of my trail lights. I soon discovered the headlamp was useless so I shut it off. My friend that was using the lights in the billof his hat was having a rough time keeping the trail illuminated in front of him. He made the statement that he could see the trail in front of me better because my light was brighter. It was at this time I loaned him my second trail light. I was so impressed with how the light stayed in position and didnt move around. My friends were also impressed with the zippered pocket on my bino cover. I was so impressed with the trail lights that I bought two more sets at the hunt expo last weekend. I will be putting one set in my fishing bag and tone of the others Iam using for a book light at night so I don't disturb my wife.  I am anxiously awaiting your new range finder cover. 
Gary Dobyns
Mule Deer Volunteer and outdoorsman

2010 History Bucks in UT

Hey all, this years Deer hunt is history here in Utah and I would like to share some pictures as well as a couple of stories.

In August and early September we Archery hunted and had some fantastic Bucks, I just couldn't connect.  Late September found me up in the hills again looking for Big Bucks on the Muzzle Loader Hunt. I hunted hard with my friend Erik and I choked when I had the opportunity on an outstanding Buck at 50 yards... I got Buck Fever!! He was between 30 and 34 inches wide.  I hiked over 25 miles on this hunt.

SWAT & Tactical Trainers Use Crooked Horn

My experience in Law Enforcement SWAT and Military Special operations spans over twenty two years of service. I have been exposed to and used dozens of pieces of gear and few have satisfied me as much as "Crooked Horn". As a statewide trainer for SWAT, SWAT team leader and soldier I highly recommend "Crooked horn" products without reservation. My agency currently has over 50 pack systems designed and fabricated by "Crooked Horn".

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