Pack It In / Pack It Out

Steve's 2008 UT Mtn. GoatI talked to you about 3 months ago about my upcoming mountain goat hunt that I drew out for in Utah.  I appreciate your advice and help.  I ended up getting the Crooked Horn Outfitters Extreme Hunter II backpack for my hunt.  What a great backpack!

I could load that thing to the hilt and wear it all day long. It was comfortable to wear and carry and big enough to carry everything that I needed and probably a lot of things that I really didn't need but hey, if you have the room you might as well use it.  I wanted a backpack big enough to pack camp in and a mountain goat out.  I ended up getting my goat in an area that didn't require much hiking once I shot it but it was nice to know that I was set up with quality equipment if and when I needed it.  Thanks again for a great product.


Steve Schaugaard

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