SWAT & Tactical Trainers Use Crooked Horn

My experience in Law Enforcement SWAT and Military Special operations spans over twenty two years of service. I have been exposed to and used dozens of pieces of gear and few have satisfied me as much as "Crooked Horn". As a statewide trainer for SWAT, SWAT team leader and soldier I highly recommend "Crooked horn" products without reservation. My agency currently has over 50 pack systems designed and fabricated by "Crooked Horn".

We have personnel equipped with this gear posted in every clime and place throughout California. From the beaches, the Mountains, rain forests of the North to the Deserts and valleys of our diverse state. This product has been on line and in active use for over two years without fail. Our personnel have expressed only positive feed back, opinions and accolades regarding this piece of gear and the well thought out design and function. Many have purchased their own for hunting and other outdoor activities. These products are durable, reliable, quality made and stand up to the harshest environments and situations. Along with a hand full of other high quality must have items "Crooked Horn" packs are mandatory in my load out. I wouldn't leave home without it and haven't!"

Monte Le Gould
US Military Combat veteran
SWAT team leader and instructor
President I.M.T.T. (International Mobile Training Team)

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