2010 History Bucks in UT

Hey all, this years Deer hunt is history here in Utah and I would like to share some pictures as well as a couple of stories.

In August and early September we Archery hunted and had some fantastic Bucks, I just couldn't connect.  Late September found me up in the hills again looking for Big Bucks on the Muzzle Loader Hunt. I hunted hard with my friend Erik and I choked when I had the opportunity on an outstanding Buck at 50 yards... I got Buck Fever!! He was between 30 and 34 inches wide.  I hiked over 25 miles on this hunt.

Bryan_BecksteadThe Rifle Hunt came around in Late October and it rained the night before the hunt making it literally impossible to hunt where I had planned.  We drove over to another Area that is very heavily hunted and saw a few small bucks... no shooters
Opening night we made plans to hike into a new area that I had never Hunted My hunting partner called it Lost Peak over by Hidden Valley. He drove so fast I could never find it on my own.

On day 2, the 3 of us set out on an all day Hike/ Hunt Troy, Colby and I. We hiked in about a mile or so and had Troy sit on an outcropping of rocks, while Colby and I continued to Hike.  We had hiked at least 2 miles past Troy when I finally started seeing Deer (they were all in front of Colby).  I was getting a little discouraged, but told myself that it only takes 1 deer to make the hunt ... The right Deer!! Well we had been talking throughout the Hike when I heard a Deer bust out below me. I told Colby to keep his eyes peeled my way because I couldn't see it.

Well  the Deer finally busted over the Ridge top right in front of me at 150 -200 yards. I pulled up my Binos (conveniently hanging on my Bino-System) He was massively Tall and Heavy... I figured 24 inches wide and really tall... as he was running I was thinking am I going to shoot him or let him go. That is when he turned downhill and I could see the rear tines and forks. I decided to shoot. He was on the dead run at about 300 yards now and I luckily got a good hit on the first shot, enough to slow him down for a follow-up kill shot.  I called my hunting partner to tell him he was down and not to be upset if he was just a Giant 3 point, I hadn't seen all of his rack and had to make a split second decision t shoot him not knowing just what he was.  I knew that being in 4-5 miles Colby wouldn't want to help pack out a small Buck.

I hiked over to the Deer and saw he was a

Massive 4 point. I let Colby know what I had shot..., when Colby finally got over to the Buck we both figured he was about 25 inches wide and would score 170 or so...We boned him out and started the Hike out, we heard Troy Shoot and he had missed a Big Buck.  Well He was scored last night and measured 188 gross and nets 181-3/4.

The gear I used on all of my trips is what made the Difference in my being able to continue scouting and hunting.  I figured I Hiked anywhere between 40 and 60 miles total for all 3 hunts. I used The Master Guide Pack, Bino System, and Lens Cloths. The new lights Crooked Horn has as well as Shooting Sticks (if I had used shooting sticks I wouldn't have missed on the Muzzle Loader Hunt).  Crooked Horn Gear is awesome I trail and Hunt tested their gear it has withstood everything I dished out and is ready for next Season.  Thanks for awesome Gear that enables me to Hunt Hard and have Fun. The 3 Pictures are of myself, Colby and Troy

Bryan Beckstead

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