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I bought your trail lights at the 2010 hunt expo in SLC UT. I used them that fall on an muzzleloader elk hunt. My friend shot a massive five point in the early evening and after quartering it was dark and two miles back to camp. My friends were using a headlam and one had lights in the bill of his hat. I was using a headlamp plus one of my trail lights. I soon discovered the headlamp was useless so I shut it off. My friend that was using the lights in the billof his hat was having a rough time keeping the trail illuminated in front of him. He made the statement that he could see the trail in front of me better because my light was brighter. It was at this time I loaned him my second trail light. I was so impressed with how the light stayed in position and didnt move around. My friends were also impressed with the zippered pocket on my bino cover. I was so impressed with the trail lights that I bought two more sets at the hunt expo last weekend. I will be putting one set in my fishing bag and tone of the others Iam using for a book light at night so I don't disturb my wife.  I am anxiously awaiting your new range finder cover. 
Gary Dobyns
Mule Deer Volunteer and outdoorsman

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