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Nevada 2011 Elk HuntDear Crooker Horn Team,

 I wanted to share with you some of the details of the last hunt I went on. My brother drew an Elk Tag for Northern Nevada 2011 season. My buddy Craig and I drove from Southern Utah up to Elko Nevada to join the hunt. We camped up near the Idaho border for the hunt. Wayne (my bro) Craig and I set up camp, and then set out to begin locating Elk. All three of us were using your Bino system and your Bino shield. Bino shield is awesome to keep the dust and dirt out of Optics while riding ATV's. We were glassing from vantage points into areas known to have really good populations of Elk; some of the areas were 3+ miles away from our vantage point... This being said we spent several hours behind our binoculars and spotting scopes, which made it nice having our binoculars on our Bino systems, we didn't experience the normal fatigue we would have with just a normal neck strap.


 Rich Williams made it into camp late that night. The next morning we were out before daybreak in our Polaris Ranger, to the same lookout as the night before. Just at daybreak several Bulls were spotted, most we could tell were decent but were too far away to really get a good idea of their size, we needed to close the distance. Friday afternoon we decided to move to a different vantage point some 2 miles closer to the Area the Bulls were spotted earlier that morning. Once again we had several Bulls to glass. We were watching one really good Bull that morning; but, as the distance was cut in half, this Bull ended up being just a great 5 point. Not what we were looking for. Saturday morning we moved a couple miles to the West into more remote terrain. Several Bulls once again were seen at first light; Wayne spotted what turned out to be a really nice 6 point. We field judged him to be in the 320" range and would have 48inch main beams. This Bull was in a really tough spot for a stalk. So plans were made to spend the next couple of hours getting in position to Hunt this Bull. 3 of us would stalk him after he had bedded, one would stay behind at the vehicle with a spotting scope and radio just in case the stalk was blown. I drew the short straw and was going to stay behind.elk hunt nevada 2011 007_web

 We loaded our gear into packs( Master Guide & Master Guide ll) This Hunt would be filmed using a Canon GL 11- This camera fit perfectly in the Master Guide II and the spotting scope was loaded in the older version -The Master Guide Pack. Rich, Craig and Wayne would have about 2 miles of Hiking to get into position for what we hoped would be a kill. As I watched the Hunt unfold everything went like it was supposed to. The Elk came out about 20 minutes before dark and although my brother Wayne waited and waited and waited, he ended up making a perfect shot at 360 yards, he was shooting off of the Crooked Horn Shooting Sticks. The Bull was down, he was field dressed just before dark and our party of 3 headed off of the mountain. Rich, Craig and Wayne spent the next 3 hours hiking back to me in the dark. I had given all of them a Crooked Horn- Trail Light the night before, which all of them used.

 As we made our way back to camp Rich told me how much he liked the Trail Light, it took up almost no space in the pack and provided more enough light to hike out, and he liked how it could be used several different ways that left his hands free. Rich also commented on how cool the pack was I had let him Borrow... My Master Guide II, His camera was protected and the pack was easy to wear. Back at camp we had a couple of visitors Rich's younger brother Farn's and Farns's son Quade were waiting when we returned. They had been listening to the radios and knew we had a Bull down. Plans were made for retrieving the Elk. We used both of the Master Guide packs and a High Country Extreme Pack.

 his Hunt welk hunt nevada 2011 011_webas Awesome- We had Good Friends, Good Elk and Great Gear... I have been using Crooked Horn Products for 15 years... The Master Guide Pack was one of the first items we bought and is still going strong. Gear is one of the most important factors in having a successful hunt but often times overlooked.

 Thanks Crooked Horn once again for the Quality and Design of your products, I Know that your Products Help Me Be a Successful Outdoorsman.

 Bryan Beckstead (Washington Utah)

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