Coyote Hunting & The Grand Canyon


 Crooked Horn, 

I just wanted to catch up with the Crooked Horn Team and report on my last trip. A couple of friends and I went on a ride last weekend and ended up on The Rim of The Grand Canyon. We used Crooked Horn Gear.. The Trailblazer II was used while riding Motorcycles to carry everything from Fix-a Flat to gloves , Toilet paper and our Lunches (which we ate on the rim of the canyon)..




Bino-Shield was also used to keep our Binoculars Dust free while riding the 35 miles in and the 35 miles back out.. You don't have to hunt to appreciate the Quality Product that Crooked Horn Produces; however if you do hunt as well as enjoy weekend getaways during other times of the year Crooked Horn Gear can enhance those Trips as well..






Thanks for producing Quality Gear that does Double Duty for me and My Friends !! Lennis – Keep up the Hard work!!!!

Bryan Beckstead




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