No Regrets! Crooked Horn Products Still Strong After 15 Years

I bought my first Bino system about 15 years ago. All my hunting buddies teased me and called it the "bino bra". Anyhow the next season they all had one. Later on I bought the Bino shield with the lens cleaner. The Bino shield is simple, light, quiet and has a nice little pocket with zipper in front to put a cow call in, very handy. I bought a an outfitter extreme pack a few years back, never saw one on the shelf in town. I called up asked a few questions talked to a helpful salesman on the phone was skeptical buying one without seeing one or trying it on. He said buy it put some weight in it and go for a hike, if you don't like send it back you will get a refund. I tried it and never regretted it for a second. Great solid pack. Also has lot of pockets and room so you can stay somewhat organized and not constantly searching for stuff you need. Packed out several animals with it. I recently packed a bull elk out and did a hind quarter on the first load, and a shoulder, blackstrap, tenderloin, and cape in second load, it was full but handled the load very good.My hunting partner took the rest in two loads. I have a scope coat for every rifle, always a clear and clean lens when you need it the most. I recently ordered the gun scabbard and gun commander and can't wait to get them."a to me from Christmas gift I guess." All products are American made which says something. For what it's worth if your shopping for anything hunting, shooting or outdoor recreation accessory and crooked horn makes it, save yourself some time and frustration and just buy it you won't be let down!.

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